Atomic #Tea #Poetry inspired by #Feynman #richardfeynman #quotes

What better way to start this page of poetry than with a poem inspired by Richard Feynman’s book Six Easy Pieces, Lecture 1: Atoms in Motion

Tea Kettle And Cup clip art

Atomic Tea

by Kate Rauner

Your cup of tea sits quietly, its surface still and calm.
A tiny wisp of steam is all that’s going on.
Now magnify your vision, expand the scale up.
A cup as big as planet Earth with atoms big as cups.
Tea is a glob of atoms, each jiggling in the heap.
Atoms that are water and jiggling that is heat.
Cup-atoms block tea-atoms, despite how fast they seem.
But if tea-atoms hit the air they pop right out as steam.
Hot tea-atoms jiggle fast – Move randomly in air.
If jiggling down, back to the tea, they’re stuck again in there.
Now blow away the steam – Atoms don’t return to tea.
Hot atoms still keep popping out; removing heat you see.
And so atomic theory
Allows your mind to see:
If tea’s too hot for you to sip
Then blow to cool your tea.


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