Glitch – a new SciFi e-novel coming this summer

Glitch Cover Final 5JUN13At Spaceport America in the desert southwest, Rob Shay works as a controller for a space mission. While running routine calibrations on their imagers, Rob and his crew have made a remarkable discovery. They have found a glitch in space that opens an impossible path to a star they dub Helios and its planetary system.

Serendipity led to the discovery and serendipity may stop the exploration before it gets very far. A university consortium owns the mission that discovered Helios and the Board of Directors believe Rob found a glitch in the equipment rather than a glitch in space. The control crew must convince them the glitch is a real discovery and they should divert one of their spacecraft to become a sentry at the glitch, before hopelessly losing track of it in the expanses of the solar system.

All Rob wants to do is be part of exploring the Helios system. But space exploration is a business, and business concerns keep getting in Rob’s way. Although exploration is supported by subscribers, not everyone in the world wants to see humanity travel beyond Earth. Space exploration is a private industry, but governments try to assert control. Support and opposition come from unexpected sources, Rob and his friends must find jobs with other missions, but at least Rob can find some sympathy from his once-girlfriend who runs a telescope-for-hire business in Australia

Here is a story set in a believable near-future world rooted in today’s trends and technologies. This is a world you may live to see.

Available this summer in all major e-formats on


Please let me know what you think

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