MIT’s Top Ten Hard #ScienceFiction #amreading #scifi

Stylized illustration of a spaceship and the s...

Based on the description of the emblem of the fictional Galactic Empire in Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

gods themselves“MITs Technology Review will publish TR:SF, a collection of original science fiction stories, in the fall. The stories will all be near-future, hard science fiction, inspired by the kinds of emerging technologies we see in our coverage at Technology Review.”  What will MIT’s Sci Fi look like?  They say they admire such classic authors as H. G. Wells, Isaac Asimov, and Arthur C. Clarke.  Take a look at their nominations for “Top Ten“.   These are stories working scientists and engineers cite as their inspiration.  Good Sci Fi makes you think, “This could really happen.”  Check out the comments, too.  They provide more Sci Fi favorites.

I always loved Asimov.  I kept my copy of The Gods Themselves for years, and loved the puzzles presented by malfunctioning robots caught in dilemmas from the three laws of robotics.  Those three laws and other features of Asimov’s robots provided a jumping-off place for other authors.  For example, Asimov’s robots were built with positronic brains, a feature echoed by Star Trek’s Mr. Data.

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