How Can It Be So? #poetry #richardfeynman #quotes #feynman

This is the last of my poems inspired by Richard Feynman’s book Six Easy Pieces.  This poem is from Lecture 6: Quantum Behavior

How Can It Be So?

Run the tests over, with protocols tight,
Electrons alone, electrons and light.
You find it’s uncertain, day after day,
If electrons are lumps, or electrons are waves.
They’re both and they’re neither, no one can explain.
This is what happens, always the same.
It’s thoroughly proven that nature’s this way.
The math is so simple, the words fall away.
Don’t try to fit the results that you get
To your intuition,
No one’s done it yet.
“Try not to ask,
‘How can it be so?
“No one knows
How it can be so.”
By Kate Rauner

English: Picture of a Feynman diagram, inscrib...

A Feynman diagram, inscribed by Richard P. Feynman. If you can’t read the symbols, they are \gamma_\mu to \gamma_\mu and 1/q^2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)















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