Writers, Readers, Poets: Festival of the Written Word this September

festival (2)If you are looking for a wonderful weekend in Southwest New Mexico, consider Silver City’s first Southwest Festival of the Written Word, September 27 -29.  http://www.swwordfiesta.org/


A view along Bullard Street

“Celebrate the power and beauty of the written word, embracing the rich diversity of Southwestern cultures.”  The Festival will bring together those who create with those who appreciate the written word.

Some 50 presenters—fiction and nonfiction writers, poets, bloggers, journalists, lyricists, editors, dramatists, and publishers from throughout the Southwest—will be featured in more than 30 sessions and workshops.  There will also be a full slate of children’s activities.  Thanks to support from Western New Mexico University and other sponsors, most of the Festival events will be offered to the public free of charge. Information and prices for those activities requiring tickets or registration fees will be announced soon.


A view on Bullard Street

Santa Rita Pits from repeater site 1 (640x480)

Santa Rita Pit at the Chino copper mine

Silver  City is my home; I live a little outside the town.  I chose to move here from the busy Front Range of Colorado and I think it is a pretty nifty place.  Long a campsite for Native Americans and Spanish Mexicans, Americans founded the current town after silver was discovered in the 1860s.  This rough and tumble frontier town, where Billy the Kid once lived and his mother is buried, is still known for mining today.  The world’s third largest open pit copper mine operates a short distance outside of town, the pit occupies the space where the mining town of Santa Rita once stood.  Western New Mexico University, an arts district, historic old-town, and Boston Hill open space round out the town.  The huge Gila National Forest and near-by Cliff Dwellings also beckon tourists.  The Festival is a great excuse for a visit.


View from inside one of the Gila Cliff Dwellings


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