Life on Europa – a Poem

deep sea tube worms

Endlessly squashed by Jupiter’s mass

Tides in rocks that flow like glass,

Heat from the core bursts up through the floor

And mineral teas brew deep in the seas.

 viper fish

Sulfur and phosphates are only in traces

But rich with precursor acids and bases,

Organic foams that slither and roam

While transparent tubes trap colloidal foods.

 head of flaslight fish

Extremes of heat and pressure so benthic

What’s possible must be chemosynthetic,

Free swimming ribbons sport bio-glow fins

Small shelly things ooze membranes like wings.

 Submarine Ring of Fire 2006: May 11 Log

Europa hosts life deep under her ice –


Europa model - Champagne_vent_white_smokers

Images are from Earth’s deep ocean life – Wikipedia Commons

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