Bright Star to Mark North in Twelve Thousand Years #Poetry #Science #Space #future #astronomy

north star Circumpolar

The universe circles
And centers the sky
On the small bear’s last star
To my northern eye.

But eons ago,
When writing was new,
The pyramid-builders
Looked at the sky too.

Their universe circled stars
Different from mine,
In the dragon’s faint tail,
Fifth star in the line.

north star EgyptianPyramidsandSphinx2006Far in the future
A worthier light
Will pivot the sky
For eyes in the night.

What manner of man?
Would woman we know?
When the universe circles
Round Vega’s bright glow.

by Kate Rauner

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2 thoughts on “Bright Star to Mark North in Twelve Thousand Years #Poetry #Science #Space #future #astronomy

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