Technology Proves Massive Vocanoes Erupt Because They’re Big #poetry #volcanoes #Yellowstone #poem #travel #findyourpark

This is a supervolcano - resting

Where river Drac joins the Isère,
A synchrotron ring is there,
A stadium-sized machine
That generates an x-ray beam.

Beams fly off to tests beginning,
Like water flung from wheels spinning.
Hellish pressure and furnace heat
Collide into a palm-sized feat.

Knowledge that we now acquire
Of volcanic threats most dire.
Super-volcanoes will erupt
As soon as they grow big enough.

Sheer volume of their liquid magma
For eruptions yielding global drama.
Once every hundred thousand years
Mankind must face colossal fears.

The clock is ticking, that we know,
Half-way till Yellowstone will blow.
Can North America calmly bide
When there are twenty more worldwide?

by Kate Rauner

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Thanks to Wim Malfait et al and the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility in Grenoble, France for inspiring the supervolcano poem with these results:

Yellowstone's supervolcano


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