Most Domesticated Animal #Poem #poetry #biology #science


Wild Human

A dozen dozen mammals
Of the largest size,
Yet only fifteen or so
Are now civilized.

Domesticated animals
Adapt to human life.
They eat whatever we have left,
They’re calm with little strife.

They’re smaller than their wild kin,
They breed in quarters tight,
In a social hierarch
They live without much fight.

With floppy ears and curly tails
Retaining juvie traits,
With spotted coats and weaker jaws
They’re joined to mankind’s fate.

It’s not clear how this happened,
Not clear it was our plan,
Cause farmers grew much smaller
Than Cro-Magnon man.

If we compare ourselves today
To Neanderthal,
We find our muscles weaker
To clamp our smaller jaws.

We tolerate the crowding,
Grow peaceful over time.
We lost protruding muzzles,
Lost the fangs canine.

Can’t judge the curly tail,
Can’t claim a piebald pelt.
But humans are domestic

The fate that we’ve been dealt.

by Kate Rauner

Here’s a weird trait of domestic vs wild animals: domestic animals and human beings suffer from venereal diseases but almost no wild animals do. What does that mean about domestication? :]


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