Zodiacal Light – a poem by Kate Rauner

Right after sunset, for an hour or two,zodiac
If the sky is quite clear and the ground lights are few,
If not masked by moonlight, you’ll see a faint glow;
The zodiacal cloud’s reflection will show.
Will spread ‘cross the sky frosting Archer and Bull,
Dusting Balance and Goat and Pitcher too full.
Traced by the planets, the ecliptic plane
Is powdered by comets with cosmic dust grains.
Triangular glow, apex pointing high
To the two Fishes whose tails are tied.
The heaviest specs come spiraling in,
Light the Ram and the Maiden, though wispy and dim.
The smallest escape, as solar winds blow,
Illuminate Ram and Crab as they go.
Before Islam’s false dawn or as twilight fades,
The Scorpion, Lion, in palest blaze.

Learn more about the zodiacal light and see some neat pictures at

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