Northwest Passage #poetry #globalwarming #climatechange #climate

northwest passage 1906 took 3 years Gjoea

Now in an Oslo museum, the Gjoea took three years to sail the Northwest Passage in the early 1900s

Iced in America’s northern shore,
Frozen Northwest Passage.
Men have died, starving, freezing,
Seeking the Northwest Passage;
From Vikings to Victorians,
They sought the Northwest Passage.
Till the first commercial ship sailed through
There was no Northwest Passage.
In September twenty-thirteen,
Danes sailed the Northwest Passage.
In just one month a load of coal
Shipped through the Northwest Passage.
The frozen grip is loosened now;
Who made the Northwest Passage?
Each mile you drive, the power you use,
Creates the Northwest Passage.

by Kate Rauner

northwest_arctic_sea_ice_september (2)

Extent of September Arctic ice, from, a great site to learn about global warming and related climate change

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