Earliest Human Footprints Outside Africa #evolution #biology #science


Model of Homo antecessor; Ibeas Museum, Burgos, Spain

This is a very cool find: human footprints more than 800,000 years old were found on a beach at Happisburgh, England.

I must admit, when I saw this headline my mind skipped to the famous English fraud of Piltdown Man in the early 1900s.  “The [footprints] were washed away not long after they were identified” per the BBC, which sounded suspicious.  But for two weeks the discovery was documented in video and 3-D scans, and now the study has been published in the science journal Plos One, so it can be examined by other scientists.


Fossil of Homo antecessor

The creatures are considered human, but they were not “us”.  Whether their species is an ancestor of modern humans or not is unclear.  But I can relate to a small family, mucking around on an ancient beach, digging for Paleolithic clams.  So much safer than spearing a buffalo.


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