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supernova M82_Chandra_HST_Spitzer_composit

M82 in a composite picture

Once upon a time
In a galaxy far away,
A star exploded.
Went supernova.
Killed everything
That might have been
Nearby in its way.

Twelve million years later
With clouds closing in,
In place of lessons planned for
Scholars played with astral cameras,
Observing the pretty star machine,
Messier 82.

The light arrived
At the students’ eyes,
A star that shouldn’t be there.
Yet safe we fare,
For our Earthly sake
The light will just illuminate.

Better than a beer bash night
Is capturing a nova’s light.
London undergrads converse
On expansion of the universe.

by Kate Rauner

“The discovery was a fluke – a 10 minute telescope workshop for undergraduate students that led to a global scramble to acquire confirming images and spectra of a supernova in one of the most unusual and interesting of our near-neighbour galaxies.”


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