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Cosmos courtesy Fox

The new series Cosmos-A Spacetime Odyssey confronts inflation in the instant after the Big Bang. Courtesy Fox.

Since Pezias and Wilson
Chased the pigeons off their dish
And listened to the sound
Of the cosmic hiss,
The Big Bang’s been our vision
Of the moment of creation;
Now we have the signature
Of cosmological inflation.

What the human eye can see
Is just a fraction of creation,
But we can build a telescope
To see more radiation.
Patterns swirling in the light
Where gravity flows through
Could unite relativity
With the quantum view.

Space itself expanded faster
Than the speed of light;
We still need confirming work
To prove the study right.
But Einstein’s great mistake
Seems more and more correct.
Could dark energy be its remains?
That’s what we’ll puzzle next.

It won’t change my life tomorrow,
Won’t put cream into my tea;
I believe knowledge is better
Than ignorance can be.

by Kate Rauner

Big Bang

Robert Wilson talks about the discovery here and there’s more here and here


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