Authentic Happiness

You may know that psychology searches for treatments and cures for mental illness, but did you know they also seek ways to buttress us against illness and enhance daily life? I recently heard Dr Jennifer Coleman of WNMU explain positive psychology. This is scientifically-rigorous study, not “self-help” or “pop” psychology. I found it interesting that riches and a pleasant life do not lead to happiness in the long term. We humans are wired to serve others in our family, workplace, and community. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, and using our strengths to overcome a challenge leads to happiness. Our greatest accomplishments come when we combine our interests and abilities with perseverance: this has lately been called “grit” and no one has yet found a way to teach it. That hardly surprised me: A person can work tirelessly at something that stirs their passion. Check out to learn about your strengths and much more.


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