Anxiety – a poem by Kate Rauner


Look Up, Look Down, Look All Around

Sweating, trembling, short of breath;
Choking, nausea, near to death;
Racing heart when danger’s nigh
Leads to fear you’ll lose your mind.
Is this response a human one?
Or would every creature run?
The little crayfish does respond,
Anxiety can fill its pond.
Exactly what the crawfish did
Without an ego, self, or id.
Put serotonin in its brain
And it will hide in dark again.
It’s not pathological;
Its fear comes from the practical.
It’s afraid it will be eaten,
While you’re afraid of public speaking.

From and others, we learn how old, in terms of evolution, anxiety is: it must be good for something!

Please let me know what you think

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