Writers and Wannabe Writers – Here’s a Resource #iamwriting #authors

Write_1.svg.medI have found fellow authors on the internet to critique my work. Since I live in a rural area, and well outside the nearest town, an internet group is great for me. The best part, especially when I feel sensitive or insecure, is that they offer a civil environment with advice on how to give and use critiques. It’s a safe way to get the feedback I  need from a much wider group than I’d find in a DIY workshop. I can say Critters (the science fiction group) has been good for me.

Recently, the site Captain announced a new workshop, and said “I’d appreciate it if you could help announce it on your blogs.” So here’s the pitch from the site for your consideration:

Critique.org is for serious authors, artists, and creators in any field who wish to improve their craft — those who seek to gain professional stature within their field or increase it. Critique.org workshops focus on in-depth critiques of your works, a process which helps both the recipient and the reviewer to grow. In addition to depth of analysis, much of critique.org’s secret is our emphasis on respectful and diplomatic critiques.

Authors and artists of all skill levels are welcome (with special incentives for professionals), so sign yourself up.

We have workshops for just about everything. (Well, we WILL have them, but we’re in Beta Test mode right now, adding new workshops as we shake them down.) What workshop would you like to join?—

Critters — SF/Fantasy/Horror Writing
Mainstream and Literary Fiction
Mystery, Thriller, and Adventure Writing
Non-Fiction Writing
Script, Screenplay, and Stageplay Writing
Kids Books
Comics, Graphic novels, Manga, etc.
Western Fiction Writing
Romance Writing
Adult Fiction
Video and Film
Music and Audio
Art, Painting, Drawing, etc.
Apps and Software
Website Design
Testing and Experimenting


4 thoughts on “Writers and Wannabe Writers – Here’s a Resource #iamwriting #authors

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