Wool #scifi #dystopia

woolIn a dystopian future, everyone lives in an underground silo so large it takes three days to climb from bottom to top. Hugh Howey’s story begins as a murder mystery surrounded by questionable suicides and lost loves. The people seem to be “us”, with technology at or a little behind today: there are computer monitors displaying green letters. The first part of the book gives detailed descriptions of moving around in this contained world, and realistic descriptions of the technology, from motor shafts to green circuit boards to Phillips head screwdrivers and the smoke curling up from a soldering iron. But about a third of the way through, the story begins to expand and the main characters become more complex. At this point, I would have preferred Howey reduce the amount of detail; I was not interested in learning how transmitters work or how to brew loose-leaf tea once the battles started. But the simple expedient of reading only the first one or two sentences of each paragraph moved me happily through the unexpected twists to the satisfying conclusion. While this book could support a sequel, it has a real ending that stands by itself. A fun read.


6 thoughts on “Wool #scifi #dystopia

        • It was a very believable world that I could see real people living in, and a world that needs help. I think anyone who’s worked for a large corporation will recognize the sorta-evil IT department. I’ll be curious to hear what you think of the next book. BTW – the title “Wool” seemed a bit strange to me – I thought the “wool” in the story was a little bit contrived to match the title. I almost passed the book by because of that.


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