Riding on Light #poem #poetry #science #space #AlbertEinstein

Light has mass equivalence,
E=mc squared
And though it’s frame dependent,
There is momentum there
So once you are in orbit,
If you can spread a sail,
Your silver wings can carry you
On winds that never fail.
A modest little CubeSat
That fits within your hands
Will demonstrate the concept
Far above our earthbound lands.
Japan’s Ikaros flew just as high
And didn’t burn its wings.
This inexpensive satellite
Will also spread its limbs.
Bring exploration into reach,
No student will be barred,
With low-cost parts from off the shelf
You’ll someday reach the stars.

by Kate Rauner

Good luck to The Planetary Society‘s LightSail-1, which now has a launch date! The satellite is scheduled to hitch a ride into orbit aboard the SpaceX Falcon Heavy in April 2016.


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