The New Doctor Who Saturday

Tom Baker was "my" Doctor

Tom Baker was “my” Doctor

Is everyone ready for the new Doctor Who, premiering tomorrow – Saturday – in the US? The 13th doctor (yes, I count the War Doctor) kicks off the season.

Like many 20th century Americans, Tom Baker was “my” doctor, the measure of all doctors after him and before him. (I watched the doctors out of sequence. My personal quirks: I’ve never seen much of the second Doctor at all, and I am not fond of The Master. But, then, I don’t like Professor Moriarty much in the Sherlock Holmes canon, so consider the source.)

If what I wrote is incomprehensible, perhaps you’re not a Whovian fan. Don’t worry, you can start watching on Saturday: try “not get overly worried about the continuity and minutia and instead enjoy the wit and high-paced, high-stakes adventure.” Doctor Who easily changes the rules, both of the show and of physics, as necessary, so don’t waste energy trying to out-guess him. There’s loads on the Internet if you want background (you may drown in it) or try one little piece here.

2 thoughts on “The New Doctor Who Saturday

  1. The Classic Who was quite different – a half hour show (not sure how US and British editing varied, more like 20 minutes of actual show for me) each week, much of it obviously shot on a sound stage which limited the space available for action – and the Doctor could get a bit preachy at times. But it did allow for stories to be whatever length made sense – as many episodes as needed. The new Who has great production values, and I like the new Doctors. I liked Tennant in Harry Potter, too.


  2. I just finished watching “Deep Breath”. It was a better episode than I’ve seen from Moffat in quite a while. 😀 I like Twelve (or Thirteen, if you want). I haven’t seen much of Classic Who; I’m of the new generation of Whovians, so the Ninth and Tenth Doctors (Tenth and Eleventh Doctors, if you count the War Doctor? Though I prefer Nine and Ten, because TENnant 😛 ) are my favorites. 😀


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