Fire and Ice as a Massive Volcano Stirs #poetry #volcano #Iceland #poem

Iceland earthquakes_bardarbunga_volcano_august_20_map

Iceland earthquakes on August 20, 2014

Fire and ice,
Water and ash,
Volcanoes’ heat
Is tapped at last.
Until the earth,
Twitching hourly,
Offers a class
In volcanology.
Ash to bring
The airplanes down,
Lava threatens
Roads and towns.
Melting glaciers
Flood the sea
And flood the homes
And shops and streets.
The Hidden Folk
Are Iceland hearty.
When elves dance
It’s a wild party.

By Kater Rauner
As I wrote this, the Baroarbunga volcano was not in a full eruption, so no floods and lava flows yet. Iceland’s thirty active volcanoes provide geothermal electricity, heat, and hot water as well as potential destruction. Wikipedia doesn’t mention if Iceland’s Huldufolk cause earthquakes or eruptions, but I could imagine such Good People from folklore have a hand in the volcanoes.
Update Oct 4: There’s a great video of the volcano’s eruption here.

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