Ocean Current Helmsmen #poetry #ocean

Sea monkeys - a favorite of comic book ads

Sea monkeys – a favorite of comic book ads

The fairy shrimp I netted
In thickly stagnant ponds
Have cousins in the oceans
And the oceans may respond.
Once thought as floating helpless,
Adrift at waters’ whim,
It seems they may create
Currents as they swim.
Swarms of tiny sea-monkeys,
Each with its own motility,
Make swirls and eddies as they swim;
Fluidic instability.
Great herds of plankton could, therefore,
Mix oceans as they swim,
Effect the climate of the world
With their lacy limbs.

This effect needs to be confirmed, but is just too poetic a possibility to ignore. I also couldn’t resist slipping in the fairy shrimp – as a kid, I netted fairy shrimp in a stagnant pond choked with leaves and algae. The shrimp had to swim up to the surface through black water for a little sun. I’d watch them swim in a jar for a while, and then dump them back since I didn’t know what to feed them. I never thought what a billion billion of them might accomplish.


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