Eclipse – Haiku by Kate Rauner

In the moon’s shadowSolar_eclipse_of_October_23_2014_sunset_Minneapolis_Ruen3
What I think I know grows dim
As night swalows day

Inspired by te 2014 partial solar eclipse. There was also a sunspot group visible without magnification. Note I didn’t say “to the naked eye.” Never stare at the sun. It’s not the eclipse that burns your eyes – it’s the sun, and the sun can harm your vision any day. I hope North Americans took the time to view the event through a solar filter or with a pinhole projection. I saw a 40% eclipse. That’s not enough to notice a drop in light levels or air temperatures. I bet most people didn’t even know anything was happening.

PS: I didn’t realize until days later that the big sunspot group was causing some people to freak out: solar flares erupting


2 thoughts on “Eclipse – Haiku by Kate Rauner

    • Thank you. It amazes me that most people don’t care to watch an eclipse. I once traveled to view a solar eclipse in Mexico – a total eclipse, it was amazing. But on the hill below where I was watching, drivers just turned on their headlights and kept going.


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