Misplaced Animals – a poem by Kate Rauner

exotic cat

Lion or kitty-cat?

A gator crawls along the road
Near Hanover PA.
A freezing lemur found near death,
Why is he out this way?
Penguin seen in England,
An emu, I’m no liar,
Creating hazards for the drive
Outside of South Yorkshire.
A monkey loose in Dorset
To aim your cell phone at.
Louisiana panther
Is just a kitty cat.
A lion roaming Norwalk
In Californian hills,
Another stalking Essex,
Its roar gives locals thrills.
Sometimes they’re jokes or hoaxes
Or just simple mistakes,
And sometimes real animals
Left to outlandish fate.

Inspired by a series of posts at Doubtful News. I sought out stories from various locations, but many “misplaced animal” sightings come from the UK, especially of “big cats”. I read somewhere that misplaced-big-cat sightings surged in the UK after laws changed making it more difficult to keep exotic pets – perhaps owners turned their animals loose. Does anyone know if that’s true?


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