The Mind Is What The Brain Does #poem #poetry #mind #brain

the mind is... brain

Hey Brain! Get back here.

Receptors iontropic,
Neurotransmitter release,
Epigenics of the brain,
Study shows us these.
Endorphines, oxytocin
And no-re-pin-e-phrine
That’s the ink our brain writes with
Along with dopamine.
Words capture what I see and feel,
Words are telepathy
That transfers thoughts from my mind
To you, or yours to me.
Words are ink upon a page,
Or nicks in clay or stone,
Or dits and dahs in cyberspace,
Or air’s vibrating tones.
If that is all that words are
Then I will agree
That chemicals within my brain
Are all there is of me.

by Kate Rauner

Thanks to NPR and Marv Minsky for inspiration. Have you ever said “My mind’s playing tricks on me”? Who are you? And where is this Mind? It’s weird living inside a brain.

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