Pluto! We Are Coming! #space #poem #poetry #writing #pluto #planet

If you were standing on Pluto...

If you were standing on Pluto…

Pluto, god of underworld,
God in darkness, god in cold,
Here you reign, but not below,
Not given domain over souls.

You mark an area of space,
Not under sea or under hill,
But far away and high above,
A belt of frozen volatiles.

Beyond the giant planets
Large objects should exist,
Not thinly scatter icy crumbs.
Never did we look for this.

Humans did not make the trip,
An imager will be our eyes.
We have a way to count the dust,
Spectrometers to scan your skies.

What surprises now await
To teach us of creation?
When sun was young and planets were
Early in formation?

Why are you red, not white or gray?
Our ignorance is stunning.
Now instruments are aimed at you.
Pluto! We are coming!

Kate Rauner

After a nine-year journey, NASA’s spacecraft New Horizons is about to answer some questions and raise a whole lot more.


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