Dance of Fire and Ice #poem #poetry #galaxy #space


Each variable is a dancer – that would weave a complicated Maypole

Time is an arrow that I ride upon,
Each instant unique in my eyes.
I don’t see the patterns of planets and stars,
The cycles stretched galaxy-wide.

No more than a fly in its three-day life
Can see summer wither to fall,
Can I see the universe unfold
Or the physics of natural law.

The Earth has vast seasons
That spiral through space.
As she tilts on her axis
Her path oscillates.

A hundred thousand years for one dance,
Two hundred hundred another,
Twelve thousand years seems but a short spin
For gravity to govern.

Glaciers extend and sea levels fall,
Ice ages retreat, and they rise,
While deep in the oceans in darkness and cold
Unquenchable fires reside.

The weight of the water,
The push of the rock,
Stasis unbalances,
Magma unlocks.

Gases release
To Earth’s atmosphere,
Retain the Sun’s heat
Till the ice disappears.

Volcanoes waltz in tune with the ice,
Choreographed by the skies.
A pattern deduced by human minds
That I can’t see with my eyes.

by Kate Rauner

Two studies, one in the journal Science and the other in Geophysical Research Letters, link underwater volcanic eruptions to Earth’s Ice Ages. “Surprisingly, the deep seafloor matters in the long-term climate cycle.”
Eons-long variations in Earth’s orbit and tilt trigger Ice Ages which lock ocean water into ice on land, reducing the oceans’ weight until seafloor volcanoes erupt along tectonic spreading ridges. Volcanic gases impact the Earth’s greenhouse heating, which melts ice, adding water to the oceans until their weight suppresses the volcanoes.maypole

‘Both of these data sets have found a signal which is consistent with climate forcing of variations at midocean ridges,’ said Paul Asimow, a geology professor at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena who was not involved in either study. ‘Now, apart from showing the effect is there, the other part that needs to be teased out is its consequences.’”
Wow – I’m a flea riding an elephant.

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