She Who Leads #poem #poetry #whale #ocean #blackfish


Haida sculpture by Bill Reid

Maiden, time to learn life-skills,
Playful, chaste, and free.
Mother, bounty of the Earth,
Bears responsibilities.
Source of knowledge, aged Crone,
With half your life ahead.
You have swum this way before,
Have rejoiced and suffered dread.
Direct your pod in search of food,
Care now for their destiny.
It’s not of humans that I speak
But sister-whales in the sea.

By Kate Rauner

I enjoy the imagery of the triple moon goddess: “In common Neopagan usage the three female figures are frequently described as the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone, each of which symbolizes a separate stage in the female life cycle.” I find it fascinating that humans are known to share this division of a woman’s life only with a couple whale species – orcas and short-finned pilot whales. Perhaps it’s not the subcutaneous fat we share (!) but our family structure.


5 thoughts on “She Who Leads #poem #poetry #whale #ocean #blackfish

      • but its about robin Williams just take a quick look Robin McLauren Williams
        The power is in his hands
        Wiping off the sweat glands
        Standing up there making people smile
        Hasn’t been doing that for a while
        You see him
        We see him
        Nonetheless we care about him
        Looking at his heavy rim
        Inspiration is all you see
        Inspiring someone like me
        You hear his funny words
        You watch his funny acting
        You see his personality
        But who is he
        Robin McLauren Williams


        • I think about Robin Williams too, so I connect with the subject. Since I myself like rhymes, I appreciate the rhyming – I notice the pattern drops in the last five lines. For me personally, I try to stay with a pattern. Since the poem becomes personal – someone like me – perhaps that opens a chance to stick with the pattern and stay personal? his funny words I hear, funny acting holds me near, I see his personality… Just as an idea.

          I liked the inclusion of his middle name – something I didn’t know, so it made me wonder what else I don’t know. Do you intend the poem to be spoken or read out loud? I’d find it easier to read out loud if lines 3 and 4 are tightened up a bit – fewer syllables. But it all depends on what you want to convey.

          Thanks for sharing your poem. I’m glad you reminded me of Robin Williams.


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