Cold Northeast But Warm Southwest


hoax because its cold“This winter may have brought a deep freeze to much of the northeastern United States — including record-breaking snowfall in Boston — but it was the planet’s warmest winter on record… according to a newly released report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) National Climatic Data Center.”

Even if the statistics get a little revision later, that’s still impressive.

We Americans tend to forget there’s a whole southern hemisphere, and they’ve had one hot summer. Of course, one datum does not make a trend, but the trends are equally alarming. But many people don’t see the trends.

Ideology is what makes life worth living for each of us. Our ideology is tied to what we see as the meaning of life. It’s how we decide what’s valuable and what sources of information are valid, and it underlies much of what we do. [don’t-be-a-jerk]

But to insist on viewing the science of climatology as ideology will be self-defeating. Reality always wins, and we need to start from reality to have any meaningful policy discussions.


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