Don’t Blame the Moon – a poem by Kate Rauner

Far side of the Moon is no more "dark" than the "far side" of the Earth

Far side of the Moon is no more “dark” than the “far side” of the Earth

Murder rates and crashing cars,
Assassinations, brawls in bars,
Crisis calls to the police,
Births, or walking in your sleep,
Domestic violence, suicides,
Assaults and kidnappings besides,
Payout rates in gambling halls,
Accidents, trips and falls,
Gunshots, stabbings, kicks and bites,
Hockey players’ on-ice fights,
Psychiatric admissions,
Vexed emergency room physicians.
It’s not the moon, new or full.
Phases of the moon are due
To alignment with the Earth and Sun.
It doesn’t make you love or shun
Or manipulate anyone.

This is one of the most popular things we all know that ain’t so. Folklore that the full moon affects human behavior is deeply imbedded in our culture, a bit of romantic frippery.

Beware of confirmation bias. “We have a tendency to interpret information in a way that confirms our beliefs and to ignore data that contradict our beliefs. What are the facts? Review all the evidence, especially the evidence that seems to refute your beliefs.” Good advice for any topic.

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For more Moon folklore (some of it true):


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