Rival to Mermaids’ Song – a poem by Kate Rauner



Earth’s larger strings of ocean ridges.

Earth pulsates with her endless song,
Notes drawn out and much prolonged.
A seismic tune beyond our ears,
Yet never does it disappear.
Vibrations roll in gentle swells
To ring the Earth, a massive bell.
Wavelengths too long to feel,
Beyond our senses chime and peal.
Deep ocean waves rake and strum
Where strings of seafloor ridges run.
Bow to Earth’s violin,
Meditative hum within.
We humans live no more aware
Of Earth’s deep song than of the air.

“A new study… explains Earth’s mysterious, never-ending hum,” which is too faint and low for us to hear. Some animals, for example elephants, hear or feel well below the human range, so perhaps the Earth sings them lullabies.




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