Grass is the Feast You Desire #poem #poetry #nature #recipe

Human beings are grazers,Rice_diversity
We feed on grass supreme,
On rice and wheat and maize
That we harvest and we glean.
Some grass is processed through a cow,
Grazing once removed.
Add sugarcane for sweetness,
Grass is our favorite food.
We think we’re mighty hunters,
Our prowess makes us proud.
But really we are grazers,
A kin to humble cows.
by Kate Rauner

Cow_4.svg.medTo feed nine billion people well by the mid 21st century, we need to grow more and better grass than ever before. One scientist sees the range of tools from genetic engineering to organic farming as a continuum, not a conflict. Of course, it helps if she can find superior genes in one variety of rice to place in another variety of rice. If golden rice had been the first GMO popularly reported, instead of Roundup resistant soybeans (You can spray more herbicides on my food than before? Great) I think GMOs would be embraced. No one seems to object to GMOs that produce medicine. I’m open to cross-species crop genetics. We are, after all, all brothers.

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