Not Our Pizza Boxes

chef says okThe last bakery pastry you bought may have been killing you, and not because of all that butter and sugar. The waxy wrapper it came in isn’t coated in wax at all. It’s probably coated in PFAS, which also keeps oil from soaking through your pizza box.

“A previous type of PFAS, popularized by DuPont years ago in Teflon products, is no longer in use because of concerns the chemicals lingered in bodies and raised the risk of cancer. In today’s warning letter, scientists warn that the replacement PFASs need far more study to make sure they’re safe.”

The chemical industry (DuPont in particular) says that the chemicals are safe. I’m willing to take some risks, just as long as companies tell the truth as soon as they learn it. While Big Tobacco does not lead me to optimism on this score, who wants pizza oil soaking through to the car seat on the drive home? Hey, I don’t eat the box!

Long ago someone told me that morally wrong decisions never work out right, so you might as well be honest upfront. That thought has comforted me at times in my life when I’ve had t admit I screwed up. I hope companiesĀ  learn the same lesson. But if they don’t, I hope our regulators are up to the job. Evidence-based, please, not emotional conspiracy theories. After all, I can only read part of the news. And I don’t want pizza oil soaking through to my car seat…

(BTW – WordPress inexplicably sequenced this new post way down on the page, so I’m reposting it at the top – sorry if you see it twice. Kate)


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