The Problem of #Food – a Poem by Kate Rauner


Chapulines – crickets – right across America’s southern border. These should be an easy sell for Cinco De Mayo.

Seven billion people
With nutrition lacked by half.
Some lack sufficient calories
While others sink in fat.
What can we do?
What can be done?
Do we need a Green
With dignity
We can thrive,
Expanding views
Of who’s in our tribe.
GMOs, not our doom,
Nor, alone, salvation
Fewer kids, better fed,
Can be our decision.
For gentle commerce
To feed us all
We must stop
The ways of war.
Taste buds from the Pleistocene,
Love our modern foods.
Love sweet and salt, and fat,
And things we needn’t chew.
The problem’s vast,
But don’t despair.
Answers are near,
Cause we’re smart,
And we care.

Thanks to for a reminder of this issue – which may be more about distribution and choices than our global ability to grow food.

I like the phrase “gentle commerce.” See my review (as Ponderer) of the book Better Angels of Our Natures, which may provide some small comfort in this age of terrorism. My friend and I also posted on GMOs.

One concept that intrigues me is insects as food. Americans eat some weird looking things (consider crayfish) but we haven’t embraced insects. I read somewhere that food prejudices are the last prejudices we’re proud of – but that may change.









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