Diligence in Non-Fiction Publishing

WRTC winners

Medal winners at WRTC2014 (N6TV photo)

My husband is part of the amateur radio world – in particular, the elite “contesting” world. He competed in the recent WRTC2014 international contest, which was held in the USA. This event is sufficiently renowned for a traditional publisher to have contracted a book, tentatively titled “Contact Sport”, with author Jim George N3BB(his radio call sign, unique in the world. My husband is N2IC.)
Jim is writing a book about the recent contest and he’s expected to include some controversial stuff. Since he’d like to quote my husband, we’ve been privy to some interesting information. The publisher requires Jim to obtain signed release forms from anyone he will quote, and seems to be avoiding any pictures that might be “damaging” (whatever that means exactly.)
I doubt that famous public figures – presidents and celebrities – are accorded such careful treatment. I am impressed with the publisher’s level of diligence.
I offer this as one more view into traditional publishing.

You may be interested to know that Jim also has a novel out that “probes the relationship, or lack of it, between an emotionally-distant father and his son, who much later in life begins to understand what it means to grow up as the adult child of an alcoholic.”

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