Ocean to Sky #poem #Plankton #Clouds #poetry #nature


Diatoms through a microscope

From agitation of the waves
Aerosols float skywards,
Originating in the seas
And sending droplets higher.

Particles that form the heart
Of clouds reflecting light,
Pile high into the sky.
But why are they so bright?

From space our satellites discover
Clouds, composed in summer
Of tiny droplets from the sea,
That create this wonder.

A happy side effect
Of photons striking molecules,
Sugars built with sunlight
To be each cell’s working fuel.

Tiny creatures manufacture
Amides and triphosphate,
And phytoplankton in the seas
Release a propionate.

Plankton bloom by trillions,
A bubbly scum upon the waves,
That winds can loft with ease
So cooling clouds they gave.

As acid rises in the seas
From airborne C O 2,
The plankton’s bloom will surely fade
‘Neath hotter skies
Than we’re used to.

by Kate Rauner

As explained by csmonitor.com “The clouds over the Southern Ocean reflect significantly more sunlight in the summertime than they would without these huge plankton blooms.” Clouds reflect some of the sun’s heat, affecting climate. Microscopic plankton also “supply half of the planet’s oxygen.” The study is covered in many outlets. You can read more on plankton and photosynthesis, too.

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