Our Destiny Tied to the Wonderful Desert Watermelon #poem #poetry #evolution #nature #middleeast #watermelon


licensed at creativecommons.org 2.0

Wild in the deserts
Of Egypt and Sudan,
Grows hard and bitter fruit
Called gurma in that land.

Harvested and hoarded
Somewhere in the shade,
It holds a fount of water
In green flesh that it made.

Water for dry seasons,
Water kept in storage,
Water for a Pharaoh’s Ba
On his celestial voyage.

The fibrous fruit was pounded,
And the water bound would flow.
A gift to desert dwellers
Five millennia ago.

From one gene only, dominant,
Its bitter taste was made,
So when recessive flowers met
The bitterness did fade.

Melons bearing yellow flesh,
By Common Era’s time,
Rabbis grouped with grapes and figs
As sweet within the rind.

The gene for sugar links with red,
Though DNA was not yet spelled,
Medieval farmers bred
A fruit fit for angels.


A related wild species in the Kalahari desert

Ruby slabs of watermelon
Decorate my table,
While in the wild deserts
Its ancestral stock is stable.

Civilization could collapse,
There could be Armageddon.
But in five thousand years, our kin
Could again have watermelon.

Thanks to nationalgeographic.com. And thanks to Mark Twain for writing that watermelon is what the angels eat.

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