Prevent #HIV #AIDS – Why Isn’t This Front Page News?

HIV-budding-ColorClinical trials show PrEP pill reduces contracting HIV in high risk groups by 90%. It’s not perfect – this pill must be taken every day before any exposure, if you already have HIV and take PrEP you may breed drug-resistant disease, clinical trials aren’t gold-standard, and it could cost $1000 a month (less if you have insurance) – but – holy crap! Is this real? Some people seem to oppose the drug fearing it will lead to unsafe, no-condom sex and PrEP doesn’t prevent other STDs. I don’t see how anyone could condemn others to AIDS – a life altering disease even if treated – because it might encourage unsafe sex. Who deserves AIDS because they show poor judgment in condom use?

Please comment if you know more – this isn’t my usual posting topic because “medical breakthroughs” in the media can be “fall-throughs.” But keep an eye out for more information. In the meantime, I found some info on Truvada (the trade name) here, here, and here.


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