#Artificialintelligence says hands and feet make us human :) – a #poem by Kate Rauner

Computers Can’t Replace

Tell it stories that you favor,algorithm_Inelegant_program_1
It sends you books
That you will savor.

Give it data on the planets
And Newton’s Laws
You needn’t hand it.

Submit crystallography,
A double helix –
Twisted taffy.

Upload patient files,
It diagnoses cancer,
Swaps heart attacks for smiles.

For routine mental tasks it’s faster,
But common sense requires
A human mind to master.

We provide the feel and touch,
Replace the lawyers,
But don’t prejudge.

It needs our Master Algorithm
To mimic mental traits,
And rational mannerisms.

Computers win on logic
And rationality,
But hugs are biologic,
So reach your hand to me.

Thanks to nationalgeographic.com on artificial-intelligence It seems that evolution made human hands and feet before it made human brains. Hands and feet – interacting with the physical world – may define us in the future, too. That and our common sense.


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