#EarthquakeNews :( Yields #Poetry

earthquake ElSalvadorslide

Earthquake landslide in El Salvador, 2001

#Earthquake – a poem by Kate Rauner

Earth neither knows nor cares
For the skin of life upon her face,
The biosphere where we cling
On a planet orbiting in space.

For gold within three miles reach,
Barely do we scratch her skin,
Geothermal heat can kill
Here, as we tunnel in.

One hundred fifty miles down,
In upper layers of the crust,
Far beneath the Hindu Kush,
A shrug, a shift, an upward thrust.

And then we die.

Our structures fall,
Despite our skills,
Fail despite our efforts best,
Despite our hopes, despite our will.

Sometimes we curse,
Sometimes we bless,
But always we persist,
We strive, we learn,
And we progress.
Find meaning in life’s gift.

Earthquakes, like the latest in Afghanistan, are common. They can range from a bump to disaster. It’s all part of living on Earth. Learn more:





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