Glory on #Mars #scifi New Release #books

GLORY Ebook 300 dpiMy latest book is available today here. Over the coming week it should turn up on Amazon and other on-line retailers. Hurray – now I can take a rest.

A one-way journey to Mars may be a mistake.
Colonization of Mars is in trouble when the colony psychologist, one of the first eight settlers, commits suicide. Four more settlers are now on their way, bringing renewed hope – and a cat. Emma volunteered so she could explore Mars in her robotic walkabout suit. Even if she gets the chance, that may not make up for everything she left behind. Mars is a hostile planet, danger from Earth follows them, and an inexplicable sense of desolation cripples their efforts. Read this first book in the On Mars series to discover if humans survive on Mars.

Download a FREE copy in any of the major formats fromĀ  Smashwords. Use Coupon Code XY35L here.

If you’d like to say thanks, consider posting an honest review on your favorite retail site – I’m on all the major sites, so just search on my name or the book title – or wherever you hang out to talk about books. Reviews help people find my books, so I appreciate your time. Thanks.

Update: here’s the Amazon link for Kindle or paperback: Check any of your favorite on-line retailers.


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