Einstein’s Stardust #space #Poetry #poem #star

Stardust escapes a supernova

Stardust escapes a supernova

You may only know him
As the world’s most famous geek.
Einstein’s fame depends upon
A formula we can repeat

E = m c-squared

Your GPS just won’t work
Without his time dilation.
Satellites far above
Use relativity’s foundation.

If you like the gleam of gold
It’s re-emitted photons
That shift the sunlight’s frequencies
To yellow-reds we dote on.

Relativity explains
Light moves at finite speed.
If it were instantaneous
There’d be no light to see.

But it’s in supernovas
Where relativity
Overcomes quantum effects,
Creates the stardust,
To make,
And me.
by Kate Rauner

For a quick run through relativity in everyday life, see livescience.com

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