Science Ficiton Mars Rover Inspired by Classic ‘Lost in Space’ Chariot #Mars #Tech #scifi #rover #sciencefiction

The_Chariot Lost in SpaceI give my Martian settlers a pair of pressurized rovers in Glory on Mars, classic pieces of science fiction equipment for exploring planets. As the movie The Martian shows, NASA is planning pressurized vehicles for their human exploration of Mars, too. It’s an obvious need on a frozen, nearly airless world.

The Chariot
I had a classic scifi rover in mind as I wrote: The Chariot from Lost in Space, which was based on a Snowcat. A boxy shape seems perfect. Martian air isn’t dense enough for a vehicle to need streamlining, and a cuboid shape offers the most interior space on a pair of treaded tracks. My rover can be driven by the colony’s Artificial Intelligence and be tracked by a satellite system – advantages the Robinson’s of Lost in Space never had.

The Chariot has more windows than I gave my settlers, and I had to fit in an airlock and life support systems. But I still like the look of the old classic.

Join the first colonists

I’ve jazzed up the cover – click on it to see the latest version

See more about my books here. In Glory on Mars, settlers take a one-way journey to Mars, and that may be a mistake. It’s vital for them to explore in their robotic rovers – they need to find minerals if the colony is to succeed. But that’s not as easy as it sounds, even surrounded by the immense dead volcanoes of the Tharsis Plain. From Amazon and other favoite stores.

Wikipedia has more on the Lost in Space TV series. And there’s a Lost in Space wiki here.

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