Will a #Mars Colony Survive? :O #scifi #Amazon #book

Yee ha 🙂 My latest science fiction novel’s available – second in the On Mars series started by Glory on Mars. The Artificial Intelligence has grown up a bit, but the settlers  are in trouble.

It’s bad luck to be born on Mars.BORN Ebook cover 300 dpi

Welcome to the second book of the On Mars series, a story of our near-future. Journey with Jake, born in the first Martian colony, as he seeks help from the only other humans on Mars. But Earthers are as dangerous as the hostile planet.

The colonists need resources – metals and minerals – to survive, but their prospecting efforts have failed. A second generation Mars-born, Jake’s lucky to avoid the sicknesses that plague the settlement, but refuses to father any children in the doomed colony. He joins a team to explore beyond the Tharsis Plain, but his first trip ends in near-disaster.

Half a planet away, new-comers from Earth start a second colony, but refuse all attempts at communication. Jake, with his friend Martha, plots a way to contact them and perhaps find help for his family and friends. He continues to prospect despite the risk on Mars’ hostile surface, and waits for the enigmatic Sino-African colony to respond. But greater dangers await if they do.

Read this book to discover if humans can claim Mars as home.

Please let me know what you think

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