No Aliens at Cygnus Star :\ #space #star #science #SETI

Cygnus_IAU.svgRemember the speculation that odd dimming patterns of a star in Cygnus might be caused by orbiting structures there, built by an intelligent alien civilization? Scientists jumped on the hypothesis and checked. Alas.

We found no evidence of an advanced civilization beaming intentional laser [or radio] signals toward Earth,” said study co-author Douglas Vakoch, president of SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) International in San Francisco.

So maybe the star has an unusual cloud of comets – strange and fascinating, but not sentient. Keep looking and listening, SETI.

BTW – why do scifi aliens say they are “from” a constellation? Constellations

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are regions of the sky as seen from Earth. The stars forming the


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main pattern are seldom related or even especially close to each other – it’s just an optical illusion and a little pattern-seeking by the human brain. Quit it, scifi aliens!

Try a near-future Mars colony – Emma takes a one-way trip to explore and build a new home, but something is terrible wrong on Mars.


3 thoughts on “No Aliens at Cygnus Star :\ #space #star #science #SETI

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  2. It’s always surprising how the current results of any one study or research program becomes hardened into an absolute by those outside the scientific community.

    The scientific process — on principal — rejects absolutes, for even in the face of strong evidence no assertions can be offered. As a point in case, this retraction is an example of why it’s important not to offer absolutes, but to explore all possibilities based on the evidence on hand. Doing so prevents situations such as this.

    Still “No clear evidence” means just that. Absence of evidence isn’t evidence of absence, for parameters of an unknown civilization as as unknown to us as the possibility of finding said civilization. And so, in the same breath retracting the first assessment should come with prudence in claiming the opposite.

    All we can say with certainty is that we are uncertain. For no one knows truly what to look for in detecting a far off civilization given no reference to past detection exists — that we know of.

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    • It’s lucky time was available on the proper scopes to take a look – SETI isn’t usually overflowing with money, so such a quick reaction and conclusion seems unusual. Too often any individual study I read about simply fades away and I don’t find the follow up. And you’re right – we can’t be sure of what to look for – tho it’s interesting to speculate.


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