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GLORY Ebook 300 dpiColonists take an Artificial Intelligence with them in my On Mars Series because, as one of my beta readers said, could anyone believe a novel about the future without AI? It feels like a given that computers will soon approach consciousness. Sometimes I have to ask on-line chat help if they’re human or not – sadly, because they didn’t seem to be answering me – maybe not the best argument for AIs. Intelligence is hard to come by.

Scientists from Toronto, NYU, and MIT developed an algorithm that captures our learning abilities, enabling computers to recognize and draw simple visual concepts that are mostly indistinguishable from those created by humans. Their work appears in the journal Science.

We human beings turn out to be pretty darned smart:

It has been very difficult to build machines that require as little data as humans when learning a new concept.

The machine’s not yet as smart as a human child, but even science fiction AIs are still learning.

Press Release on Eurekalert


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