Born on #Mars no picnic in #scifi #novel #Amazon #Kindle #books

BORN Ebook cover 300 dpiWe know some of the dangers you and I would face on Mars – how will we find water, air, and shelter from cold and cosmic rays? How will a small group of settlers face each other, cooped up together? What will happen to kids born on Mars? Will earthly technology help them? Check out Born on Mars, second book in my On Mars Series. Now available at Amazon and all major on-line retailers.

The Tharsis Plain stretched endlessly between the largest volcano on Mars, Olympus Mons, and a string of three shield volcanoes to its southeast, smaller but still massively wide and tall. The colony lay shrouded by drifts on the flank of Peacock Mons. Here settlers could extract what humans needed to endure the planet’s lethal surface deep dunes – traces of water, wisps of nitrogen, and sand to sinter into construction blocks. It was a hell of a place to be born.

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