I’m Number 822! Sound like a strange boast? #amwriting #amreading #scifi

GLORY Ebook 300 dpiOkay, so it’s not much of a bumper sticker, but my new book Glory on Mars is in the top third of its Amazon Kindle category for the second time in a month. That’s a thrill for me – an unknown author. I’ve been told 90% of the books sold in American are written by 1% of the authors.

It’s so hard to break into writing. Thanks to everyone who read Glory on Mars. I hope you’ll try Born on Mars, too.

BORN Ebook cover 300 dpiConsider posting a review – on Amazon, Goodreads, your favorite retailer, or wherever you hang out. That’s how books get noticed.

My books are available from all major retailers – more links here.

Now I’ve got to hurry and post this while it’s still true – things change quickly on Amazon.

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5 thoughts on “I’m Number 822! Sound like a strange boast? #amwriting #amreading #scifi

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