Good #NASA News for Colonizing #Mars? #SciFi thinks about such things in #book :)

Look at its wheels - not a sand dune

Look at its wheels – not a sand dune

NASA found high levels of silica southwest of my Born on Mars Cerberus Base. That’s good news for science fiction colonists.

Today on Earth, Ferrock (TM) by Iron Shell LLC is a replacement for concrete made from powdered iron, ground glass, and carbon dioxide. Since concrete manufacture generates greenhouse gasses, it may help us reduce the rate of global warming climate change.

But there will be no concrete on Mars – there are no vast limestone, shell, or BORN Ebook cover 300 dpichalk layers deposited by living creatures to use as cement. What will colonists use for building material?

In my On Mars Series, settlers have construction robots that use a 3-D printing technique to laser-sinter stone into building shapes – too bad that technology’s not quite here yet.

If colonists can find iron meteorites or iron ore in lava tubes, and dig up Curiosity’s silica, they can make their own Martian concrete. No problem finding CO2 – Mars’ atmosphere is 95% CO2.

More on NASA Curiosity’s discovery with here.

What we’re seeing on Mount Sharp is dramatically different from what we saw in the first two years of the mission,” said Curiosity Project Scientist Ashwin Vasavada of JPL. “There’s so much variability within relatively short distances. The silica is one indicator of how the chemistry changed. It’s such a multifaceted and curious discovery, we’re going to take a while figuring it out.”

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