Crow’s Funeral #poetry

The deceased lies before them,Common Raven (640x482)
The crowd is all in black.
They’re watching for the villain
Who may be coming back.
It’s not known if they’re mourning,
They do not shed a tear.
They watch and they remember
In anger what to fear.
Humans are unusual
In tending to their dead.
Elephants, chimpanzees,
And porpoises, it’s said,
Will touch and groom,
Seem agonized.
But do they soon forget?
Only corvids, of the birds,
Gather for a wake.
As crows attend a murdered friend
Plan vengeance they will take.
By Kate Rauner
Thanks to I’ve seen heart-breaking videos of elephants grooming a dead herd mate – especially a mother with a dead baby. I believe they mourn. My llamas don’t seem to react much to a dead herd mate’s body, but I’ve watched them search for a missing friend.
Another crow poem: Crow and Pitcher

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